Tillandsia Ionantha  - Guatemala | Live Air Plant

Tillandsia Ionantha - Guatemala | Live Air Plant

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There are numerous types of Tillandsia Ionantha. This listing is for Ionantha Guatemala. A common Ionantha, known for its wispy leaves and moderately fuzzy trichomes. Will blush deep pink when grown in bright light. Produces a purple bloom with white and yellow tip. Our current stock is a little smaller than this picture, around 2.5" in diameter.

Care: air plants thrive in bright, indirect light, not direct. Bathe the plant once every week or two by submerging it in room-temperature water for 5-10 minutes (bathing in the morning is ideal, so that plant will be completely dry by evening). Remove the air plant and shake as much water out as you can, then flip the air plant upside down to dry in a bright area with good air circulation. You can mist the plant in between baths if it's in a particularly dry room, or it's getting loads of bright light.