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Wee Flower Bouquet

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Introducing Stonefruit's 'Wee Flower Bouquet', a charmingly petite floral arrangement that encapsulates the heart and soul of Brooklyn, NY. Each snack-size bouquet is a masterpiece of delicate care and artistic flair, reflecting Stonefruit's renowned romantic and wild styling. The composition of this bouquet is inspired by the rugged, natural beauty and untamed spirit of the flowers' native habitats.

Our expert florists handpick each bloom from a specially curated selection, ensuring a harmonious blend of local, seasonal flowers (based on availability) and imported showstoppers that truly represent the diverse and vibrant spirit of Brooklyn. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind bouquet that brings a piece of Brooklyn's unique charm into your home or the lives of your loved ones.

To complete the look, every bouquet is thoughtfully wrapped in rustic craft paper, adding an extra touch of artisanal elegance. Whether it's a token of affection, a gesture of appreciation, or simply a treat for yourself, the Wee Flower Bouquet from Stonefruit is the perfect way to bring a little piece of Brooklyn's floral beauty into any space.

All items require at least 12 hours to prepare. It's definitely possible we can prepare sooner, just give us a call! 718-230-4147

Pick-up at the flower shop in Brooklyn

Select a day and time in your cart for pick-up at the shop. Pick up from either the cafe (if between 7:30 am - 10 am, located on Bedford Ave), or the Botanical shop (if between 10 am - 5 pm, entrance located around the corner on Clifton Place).

Flower Delivery in Brooklyn, New York

Now offering delivery for orders over $50 throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens for qualifying zip codes: Due to the nature of weather and traffic, we cannot guarantee a timed delivery. All deliveries will be dropped off between 12pm and 5pm. If the recipient is not at home, we will leave their order outside their door. Please include specific notes regarding delivery (doorman, etc) in the NOTES section of the cart.

*All flowers vary based on season and availability.*